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October 2017: What Costs More? • Estate Planning

August 2017: Don't Sell on Headlines • Keep reaching for your financial goals

July 2017: The Global Retirement Crisis • Bad Barometer

June 2017: By the Numbers: Recent Grads • Early Retirement

May 2017: By the Numbers: Inheritances • A Government Balance Sheet You and I Can Read

April 2017: By the Numbers: Tax Season • Where the Money Goes

March 2017: How Americans are saving for retirement • Rate Hike

February 2017: Breakthrough or bust: Examining “Dow 20k” • Di-worse-ification? 4 ways your portfolio can become too diversified

January 2017: Improving Finances in the New Year • The Uptrends We Never See

December 2016: Improving Finances in the New Year • The Uptrends We Never See

November 2016: Trade Policy • Preliminary Tax Forecast

October 2016: Middle-Class Earnings Move Forward • Structural Struggle

September 2016:  What Determines Future Success • Housing Market: Selling Less for More • Medical Empowerment

August 2016: The Future of Social Security • Regs to the Rescue

July 2016:  Across the Pond • A High Market – But is it a Top Market?

June 2016: Welcome to Brexit • The Importance of Having a Will

May 2016: The H-1B Crunch • Work Longer, Live Longer

April 2016: Cuba: Open for Business • Social Pressure and Financial Decisions

March 2016: Rates Go Negative •  The Good Side of Bad Markets

February 2016: Worse Than Taxes • Driverless Cars Aim to Change Everything

January 2016:  2015 Year End Report • 2016 Year of the Raise

December 2015: Market & Economic Update • Russia and the Plunge in Oil • Fed Continues to Make Headlines

November 2015: Earnings Season • Global Economy

October 2015: U.S. Economy and the Fed • Global Economy • Earnings Season

August 2015: Earnings versus Revenues • The Global Picture • The Big Question

July 2015: US Economy • Global Economy • Your Money

June 2015: US Economy • Grexit

April/May 2015: PE Ratios & Sector Performance • Earnings recap • GDP & Global Economy • Housing • China and SDRs

March 2015: Bond v Equity Pricing • The Economy • Housing • Your Money with Greg Tull

February 2015: Impact of share repurchases • Greece is the word…again • Damn it Janet – Yellin’ isn’t tellin’

January 2015:  Market Update • What’s a Yield Curve? • State of the Economy • Currency Wars – it’s on!

December 2014: Market & Economic Update, Russia and the Plunge in Oil, Fed Continues to Make Headlines

November 2014: Market & Economic Update, Signs of Overheating, What Deleveraging, Consumer Spending

October 2014: Market & Economic Update, Eurozone, Coming out of the Closet, DollarAppreciation, Deflation?

September 2014: Market Overview, State of the Consumer, Housing

August 2014: Market Overview, State of the Consumer, Housing

July 2014: Domestic Market Overview • Earnings Season

June 2014: Market & Economic Overview • Main Street Missing Out • Inflation

May 2014: Market & Economic Overview • Housing • US GDP

April 2014: Markets & Earnings Reports • Real vs financial economy, Thoughts from Monte Carlo

March 2014: Market Movement, Margin Debt • Ukraine… Cliff Notes-ish

February 2014: Housing Recovery Stumble • Fed Tapering • Emerging Market Mayhem, GDP Weakening

January 2014: Holiday Retail Report • Bye Bye Bonds? What Savings? • Unemployment

December:  Market Update • He Knows who’s Naughty and Nice • A Holiday Wish

November:  Market Update • Economic Indicators • 100 Years of the Fed • Things are better than you think

October: Market Update • Tapering Tease (Extended Discussion) • Evening with Nassim Taleb • Musical Delights

September:  Market Update • Housing Fundamentals • Employment • Stock Market Math Part 2

August: Market Reality • The Fed and Equities • Employment Recovery • Simple Stock Market Math

July:  Volatility Returns • Carry Trade Unwinds • Range Bound Investing

June:  Home Prices • Manufacturing • Debt Debauchery, Markets & the Fed • Banks Demystified Part II

May:  Where’s the Boogey Man? Stock Markets • Eurozone • Banks Demystified

April:  Then and Now–A Comparative Review, GDP Growth Rates • Corporate Earnings • Employment • Interest Rates and National, Debt, Market Volumes and, Lessons from M&A

March:  Cyprus, Employment, Making Sense of it All

February:  U.S. Economy, Eurozone, Federal Reserve, Your Money

January:  Global Economy, Stock Market, Bond Market, New Estate and Gift Tax Laws

December:  Fiscal Cliff, Manufacturing, Unemployment, Consumer Spending, The Fed Energizer Bunny, Housing, 2013 Outlook

November:  Uncertainty Rules, Fiscal Cliff, Housing, Consumer Credit

October:  Policy Uncertainty, Unemployment, Household Income, GDP, Oil, Quantitative Easing, Greece, Money Supply, Inflation & Deflation

September:  Crank Up Those Presses, The Divorce, Corporate Cash Levels, Housing Continues to Improve

August:  Domestic Economy, Employment, Household Wealth, Housing, The Markets

July: Domestic Economy, Domestic Markets, Housing, Jobs, Earnings and Income, Earnings Season, Eurozone, Stocks vs. Bonds

June:  The Markets, Recent Headlines, Domestic Economy, Employment, Europe, Global Roundup

May: Global Economy,Domestic Economy, Eurozone, Financial Sector

April: Global Economy, Quantitative Easing, Monetary Policy and Inflation

March: Domestic Economy, Headwinds, Global Overview, Market Trends and Investment Flows

February: US Economy, Europe, Eyes on Iran, Swimsuit Indicator

January: Eurozone Rating Cuts, Greek Drama Intensifies, European Solvency Bomb, Volatility on the Rise, Don’t Believe the Hype, Don’t Trust Wall Street

December :  A Year in Review

November:  Timing Matters, Mixed US Economy, Europe on the Ropes

October:  Volatility and Uncertainty, Slowing US Economy, European Default

September:  The Quest for Truth, Equity Market Review, Economy Slowing or Contracting, Global Slowing, Titanic Across the Pond, Rabbit in that Hat?

August:  The Markets, Debt Ceiling and the S&P Downgrade, Domestic Economy, Inflation, Eurozone Drama Continues, Australasian Markets

July:  Major Warning Signs, The National Debt, Employment, New Businesses, Eurozone Debt Continues to Worsen, Housing, Emerging Markets and the 3D Hurricane

May/June: Global Slowdown, Sovereign Debt and a Reduction in the Fiscal Stimulus, Uncertainty Reigns, Market Reponse, Domestic Economy

April:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Employment, Housing, Consumer Credit

March:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Employment, Housing, Inflation, Quantitative Easing, Monetary Policy and Inflation

February:  The Economy, Domestic Markets, Emerging Markets, Employment, Credit and Debt, Weather v. Climate, National Debt

January:  The Economy, The Stock Market, Taxes, Employment, Commercial Credit, Housing, Auto Sales, Manufacturing, Europe, China